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Who are the members of the Advisory Panel?

The advisory panel was established to bring together a number of well known Kereru experts who could give the Project credibility and strategic direction. The panel were formally invited to take part on a voluntary basis. Listed below are the current members of the panel.

  Dr Colin Meurk

Colin is a plant ecologist based in Lincoln in the South Island where he is employed by Landcare Research.  Colin holds a Doctorate and is presently involved in research of vegetation processes and patterns, landscape ecology, vegetation management, native flora and community based ecological restoration.

  Stephanie May

Stephanie is presently completing her Doctorate in Environmental Science at the University of Auckland . Prior to this Stephanie had completed an MSc with honours in Environmental and Marine Sciences. She is currently completing her Doctorate thesis in “Management strategies employed to enhance New Zealand pigeon Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae survival: how could we better achieve desired outcomes?”

  Dr Ralph Powlesland

Ralph is a senior scientist at the Department of Conservation and has been a leading bird ecologist now for many years working with many bird species including much time with Kereru. Ralph has written numerous publications on Kereru.

  Dr Tim Lovegrove

Tim is Natural Heritage Scientist in the Heritage Department of Auckland Regional Council (ARC). He has a PhD in Conservation Biology and has been involved for over 20 years in numerous regional national and international species conservation projects including protection and species transfer programmes, including kakapo, echo parakeet on Mauritius Island, saddlebacks, kokako, North Island robin, whitehead, Kereru and dotterel.

He looks after the conservation programmes on regional parks including mainland island projects and species conservation projects at Tawharanui, Wenderhom and Hunua.

  Dr Astrid van Meeuwen–Dijkgraaf

Astrid was born in the Netherlands and migrated to New Zealand when she was 12 years old. She was immediately in awe of the natural beauty and freedom that New Zealand offered. Astrid completed Bachelor and Master Degrees before finally receiving her Doctorate in plant, animal interactions of large fruited-species, Kereru and possums. Currently with the Department of Conservation in Wanganui, Astrid has spent many years researching Kereru and native fruiting species. Her current role is as Conservancy Advisory Scientist.

  Kevin Prime (MBE)

Kevin Prime is married with 13 children. Kevin was the main driver behind the Ngatihine/DOC Landcare Research, Native Pigeon Recovery Programme at Motatau in Northland. He is beef farmer, forester and beekeeper and works 75% as Commissioner with the Environment Court.

  Shona Myers

Shona is Team Leader, Natural Heritage in the Heritage Department of ARC. She has an MSc in ecology and botany. She has worked for 20 years in conservation work with Department of Conservation, and more recently at Regional Council level, particularly on the development of ecological survey methods. She has a strong interest in lowland forest and wetland ecosystems and particularly the value of Kereru as a disperser of large fruited native tree species, and also a strong interest in working with landowners to protect and restore lowland ecosystems.

  Professor Mick Clout

Mick is currently Professor at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Auckland . Mick holds a Doctorate in Zoology and has been a practising researcher for 25 years. His current research and speciality is in vertebrate ecology and behaviour. Mick has released numerous publications on Kereru, other birds and conservation topics.

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